night at home - Poema de las 22:18

in front of a screen
don't know what
either a tv or a pc
i'm not really giving my attention
i don't really give a shit
the house of the rising sun
like if i was attending a party
just half a beer by my side
not yet
what would i do?
i don't mind
maybe i'll be waking up
in the middle of the night
if i manage to sleep
on the coach
fuck the tv
i hint a smile
car song somewhere
damm shit!
that woody guthrie
was really good
this should be a big night
but turns out to be
but whatever
i don't mind


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31 de julio de 2009, 18:48

Half a beer left aside
you had no luck in your last haircut
you ain't a pricker yelling too much
but resemble a lover wearing handcuffs

You're not even a monster
to pay for Goldies
and this ain't sin city
but way more boring

Half a bottle on the shelf
and a pair of books you've never read
You need no time to purge yourself
You need a kiss and a cozy bed

Get off your fucking cave
get amused by the silliest of chicks
Get on the faster wagon
of those who are freaked out by freaks

find a liquor-full path
an inebriated way of mining your health
to the warm and lustful state
of lobotomized brain death